a collection of images and writing representing my life as a mother, crafter, quilter, gardener.

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spur of the moment improv piece. 

4” x 7.5”

spur of the moment improv piece.

4” x 7.5”

Set of six bean bags and a drawstring bag for safe keeping.

This was such a simple and satisfying project, whipped together for a sweet little friend’s third birthday. So satisfying that I already have fabrics chosen for a set of bean bags for Frankie and maybe one or two more ‘just because’.

Today we boiled cabbage (subsequently making the house smell so bad), cleaned our eggs, and made these lovely blue stunners as treats for the bunny.

We tried to use some leftover beets from the fridge - Frankie really liked the idea of pink eggs - but our efforts were unsuccessful. Next time I’ll be trying turmeric in the hopes of beautiful golden eggs.

When all of my fabric looks so good together, folded neatly and in color coordinated stacks, I have a hard time pulling from the stash for new projects. Everything in its right place.

i’ve spent the last two days stealing an hour in the morning (and one or two again in the afternoon) to fold fabric, tidy my little treasures, and clean my work space in the hopes of finding some inspiration as winter just…draaags…on…

i’m hoping that this will be a little kick in the pants - my list for spring and summer just keeps growing and growing. i have deadlines to meet and an eager little girl with dreams of bathing suits and sun hats.

for now it is clean and everything is in its place, but soon this workspace will be back to its comfortable normal.

a taste of where i have been for the last (yikes) six - maybe nine months.

fast approaching is gussy’s first birthday, our first spring seeds, our first family vacation.

but for now we are stuck in march in maine. the longest month of the year.